Web Stings

Web-based reverse stings involve police posting online decoy ads and setting up a reverse sting operation at a hotel or apartment. A variation of this approach involves police responding to real online ads, replacing pimps and prostituted persons with police decoys, and continuing to take calls from johns on the survivors’ phones. An alternative web-based reverse sting involves women police decoys responding to online ads placed by johns.

For more information on this method for attacking demand employed in over 550 cities and counties in the U.S. since 1995, please access the resources below.  If you wish to learn more about specific communities what have used this tactic, please go to the “locations” page and select “web stings” from the list of tactics, and then you can explore locations that have used web-based reverse stings by selecting from among sites shown on the map.

Overview of Web-Based Reverse Stings in the U.S.

 Examples of News Reports on Web-Based Reverse Stings

Articles and Reports on Web-Based Prostitution

Recent News Reports on Internet Prostitution & Trafficking

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