About This Site

Demandforum.net is a comprehensive online resource for people interested in ending sex trafficking and prostitution. Learn about more than 2,100 cities and counties in the U.S. that have launched initiatives aimed at deterring men who buy sex.  The website includes details on tactics and how to start, improve, and sustain an initiative.


There are at least 12 major types of tactics used to deter men from buying sex—auto seizure, cameras, community service, john school, letter, license suspension, neighborhood action, public education, reverse stings, shaming, SOAP orders, and Web stings.  Learn more now.


To learn where various tactics are being used, use our interactive map to locate city and county anti-demand initiatives across the U.S.

Additional Resources

Find out what organizations and agencies are focused on reducing demand or supporting survivors.  Browse reference materials including Abt Associates’ National Assessment report produced for the National Institute of Justice, videos of panel discussions and broadcast interviews on ending demand, local ordinances applied to sex buyers, local contact information, and much more.


This is your spot for news and views on ending demand.  We welcome all questions, opinions, ideas, and updates.  Share your stories today.