Demandforum.net is a comprehensive online resource for people interested in preventing sex trafficking and prostitution. Here you’ll find information on initiatives in more than 2,110 cities and counties within the U.S. aimed at deterring or apprehending men who buy sex. The site also includes details about tactics useful for starting, improving, and sustaining practices designed to combat demand.


This website was developed under a grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Department of Justice. Much of the content posted on this site was gathered through a study by Abt Associates for NIJ,A National Assessment of Efforts to Combat Prostitution and Sex Trafficking in the United States.” Abt Associates is especially indebted to practitioners in over 200 cities and counties who allowed us to survey and interview them, provided us with documents and responded to countless emails, and in some communities, allowed us to be underfoot for site visits.